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My cap at the 2nd tooth in the front cracked and fell off. It was made to attach to the middle Large front tooth. It was a mess and very painful on the cold and hot that the moth gets. The day I called was on a Monday and I was worked in as soon as possible on that day! Dr. Garrett Frost DDS is a great dentist and he does his very best to help his customers. I'm 64 going on 65 without Insurance and he has been extremely helpful in dealing with dental work that has been failing from old worn out teeth. His staff is extremely helpful and goes the extra mile to help in all they can do to make the billing adjustable and very fair. I really enjoy a very good experience with the staff and Garrett is very caring where I have been hurt in the passed, he sees to it that I feel no pain while the work is being done. I'm greatful to be able to give him and the staff the highest review possible. I hope to continue for many years with Garret Frost as my dentist and would send anyone to him for dental work to be done. Everyone is very friendly and helpful as is possible to be. I thank the entire staff for such friendly care and assistance.
Karen P.
December 24, 2015
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November 23, 2015
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Peggy F.
I have always had a great experience at Ridgeview Dental. They are very personable, concerned and respective of my needs. I would highly recommend them for any age group.
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