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The Dental New Deal
At 47 years old I have experienced tha gammut in dental services: the good, the bad, the ugly and the dreaded painful. I have to say that my first visit to D2O established a new upper margin as far as demtal services standards. The facility is exceptional as is the staff. From the modern decor to the high tech equipment, D2O exudes proficiency, efficiency and expertise in every step of the process. Starting with the very capable receptionists/hosts, through the dental technicians and all the way to the doctors, I felt I was in the best hands. They were sincere in considering my concerns, they were kind and gentle, and they made me feel like I was getting the royal treatment. I only wish I could get this level of service in every medical experience. Bravo D2O!
November 05, 2012
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November 03, 2012
I always leave smiling!
I always feel like everyone at D2O really cares about providing exceptional, high quality service with attention to detail and care - regarding my teeth and also me as a customer. Every experience has been enjoyable.
November 01, 2012
An enjoyable root canal !
So I was pretty nervous about getting some defered maintenance done on my teeth. My anxiety, however, was misplaced. Ihad 0 pain, thats right, 0 pain during the procedure. Additionally, I especially appreciated how Doctor Wiggins would occasionally explain what was going on, and also let me know when I might hear some kind of sound, and what that sound really was. Lastly, and this is the most suprising aspect, I was most appreciative of the speed with which the work was performed. Job well done!
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