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Great Job!
I had limited time for an appointment but needed to get in since one of my old crowns had come loose. I was able to get in and out in less than a 1/2 hour, I didn't have to wait, and you did a very thorough but efficient job. Thanks!
December 05, 2012
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December 01, 2012
Painless and Entertaining Procedure
So... I've never had my teeth like worked on (besides orthodontia, but the just glued stuff to my teeth). Naturally, I was a little nervous for replacing some sealant/fillings that were getting worn out. I clearly had no reason to worry because Dr. Wiggins made my experience easy and painless. In addition to the easy procedure I got to watch a hilarious movie. It didn't even feel like I was at the dentist. Immediately after that procedure I had a cleaning. My hygienist was super nice. I don't remember her name (lame I know). She had dark hair, if that helps. My overall experience was wonderful and I am slightly excited to go back for another cleaning. Mostly for the warm towels. Just kidding. Seriously, you guys are wonderful. Thank you so much.
December 01, 2012
great check-up
as always... great team at d20.. thanks
November 27, 2012
I love all the special touches and the responsive staff.
November 21, 2012
Business as Usual
I was having a rough day and to top it off I was late to my appointment <- which I felt terrible about since its rude and somewhat disrespectful (I feel) to keep people waiting as a late patient can throw off the rest of the offices day. Yet somehow after leaving the dentist (a place which like most people I used to loath), I was actually in a happier mood on top of the fact that I got my teeth checked, cleaned, and taken care of. Not too many people can say that about their dental visit. Happy Holidays to all the Great people at D20 Dental! See ya in 6 months!:o)
November 20, 2012
My first crown
I have to be honest and say I was a bit nervous prior to the procedure. I have never had a crown done before. I was nervous for nothing, the staff was extremely friendly and the procedure went as smooth and as pain free as possible.
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