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I give them 5 stars!
Renee A. via Facebook
August 30, 2017
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August 03, 2017
I give them 5 stars!
Clayton B. via Facebook
August 01, 2017
Let me just start off by saying I was terr...
Amanda N. via Facebook
Let me just start off by saying I was terrified, sad, scared, embarrassed, and emotionally drained when I walked through ADS'S doors.. I had already been to 3 other "free consultations" within those 2 weeks. I remember distinctly thinking in my head "Amanda no reason to get your hopes up because you will not be able to afford it" after they did the examine and xrays, I spoke to Dr. Michelle and let me just start off by saying my butterflies in my belly were gone, I was so calm, I wasn't embarrassed anymore, she understood and wanted to help me, and she WASN'T sitting their talking about MONEY the whole time. She was very honest & caring! (Again, I wasnt use to that) Before I left Jamie (manager) came back to me with a typed up treatment plan, in my head I was thinking "Oh no here comes reality, the price is coming!!!" Well I literally almost jumped up! Jamie was looking at me smiling because she knew deep down I could work with those digits! You could tell she felt for me and actually cared, as well as Dr. Michelle!!! I remember thanking them up & down lol over & over! As the time went on I've met more and more of their staff and I've also been to multiple offices & they ALL are just so nice and caring! I go for my full procedure end of this month! Before I even knew about ADS I literally would cry myself to sleep, I'm 26! The thought of me having to get regular dentures at such a young age devasted me! It haunted me, still does, but I no that Dr. Michelle and ALL of the staff at ADS will help change me and my children's life. I will be able to smile with my 5 & 7yr old children in pictures, I won't be that insecure mommy in the corner at my son's baseball, basketball, etc games! I never thought this was possible considering every other dentist office I've been to for a consultation... their prices were just out of this world! Please if you are one of them ppl that are nervous, scared, or think they will be just like the other dentist offices you were just at, your wrong! trust my words and go here and get a free consultantation! They will work with you & their truly is HOPE!
July 26, 2017
Jan P.
Great staff from the first phone call to entering the office they were just great! Clean location, knowledgeable dentist and the cleaning was awesome! Price was super fair and the service was superb!
July 20, 2017
Fixed my teeth, fixed my life
Marshall G.
Dr Michelle and dr swan did such an amazing job. I was comfortable the entire process and made to feel cared for and listened to. Getting full dentures is no measly task and it has changed my life drastically, but luckily for the better. I smile more, in turn making myself happier. It has honestly changed my personality and outlook on life. Thank you guys so much for everything you have done.
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